S'mores Bow
S'mores Bow
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S'mores Bow

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Who doesn't love chocolate marshmallow and graham crackers? You'll love this bow as much as you love the sweet treat. The perfect addition to a camping trip, or S'mores lover! Features smores, brown polka dot and tan ribbon with a multicolored octopus bow.

Measures approximately 5" x 4 1/2".

This bow is secured to a 1.75" covered alligator lip and comes with the standard slip grip to help keep it in place.

**This bow may contain small pieces and may be a choking hazard for children under the age of 3. Please be sure to read the disclaimer under terms and conditions.**

Right Pinch and Left Pinch option refers to the direction of the alligator clip.

-Right Pinch means the clip pinches on the right and opens on the left.

-Left Pinch means the clip pinches on the left and opens on the right.

-Clip direction only matters if the child wears bows specifically on one side of their head.

-Typically if the child has a part to the left side of their head you want a left pinch, if their part is to the right side of their head you want a right pinch.

-If you plan on wearing this bow at the top of a ponytail , clip direction does not matter.



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